Pet iChip

The First Animal Identification System using microchip technology.

A permanent & tamper-proof identification of your pet.

What is PET iCHIP?
PET iCHIP is a small electronic identification system designed to permanently identify or “tag” your pets. The microchip utilizes the RFID (radio frequency identification device) technology that reads the ID number through radio frequency. PET iCHIP uses an ISO 11784/11785 numbering protocol. ISO numbering protocol is a system of identification prescribed by members of the International Committee on Animal Recording, conforming to ALL INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS.

How is PET iCHIP implanted?

The microchip with a size of a grain of rice, can be conveniently administered underneath your pet’s skin through a syringe-like dispenser by an authorized veterinarian. For dogs and cats, it is implanted between the
shoulder blades.

Request to Update Pet & Owner Information

To request to update the information of your pet and
any changes to owner information, fill up request form.

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Request to Upload PetiChip Certificate

Please take a picture or scan a copy of your pet's certificate
then email it to for next day uploading,
OR use request form.

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