What is PET iCHIP?

PET iCHIP is a small electronic identification system designed to permanently identify or “tag” your pets. The microchip utilizes the RFID (radio frequency identification device) technology that reads the ID number through radio frequency.

PET iCHIP uses an ISO 11784/11785 numbering protocol. ISO numbering protocol is a system of identification prescribed by members of the International Committee on Animal Recording, conforming to ALL INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS.

How is PET iCHIP implanted?

The microchip with a size of a grain of rice, can be conveniently administered underneath your pet’s skin through a syringe-like dispenser by an authorized veterinarian. For dogs and cats, it is implanted between the shoulder blades.   

Does implantation hurt?

PET iCHIP implantation is performed similarly to a normal vaccination procedure. Although it is regarded as a veterinary procedure, the whole process usually takes a few minutes. After the implantation, the dog is back to normal. There will be some cases where the animal may need to be sedated. In such cases, they recover from sedation in less than an hour.   

At what age can they be “PET iCHIPped”?

They can be “PET iCHIPped at any age provided that they weigh not less than 120 grams. Our accredited veterinarians will further assess your pet’s condition prior to microchipping to determine fitness for the procedure.

How safe is PET iCHIP?

PET iCHIP uses biocompatible materials that are harmless to the animal. It does not elicit a “foreign body” reaction that may cause inflammation or other tissue response. It is very safe when administered properly. PET iCHIP is further equipped with BIO-BOND TECHNOLOGY to prevent microchip migration inside your pet’s body, thereby preventing injury of soft tissues and vital organs.

How does it work?

When a microchip scanner is passed over the pet, the microchip gets enough power from the scanner to transmit passively the microchip's ID number.

For how long does PET iCHIP work?

The first microchip was implanted some 25 years ago in a horse and it is still working.

Can you track an animal with microchip?

Although pet microchips can reunite you with your lost pet, they can't actually be used to track your pet when they are lost. Pet microchips are used to identify your pets when scanned at a pet shelter or vet so they can be reunited with their owners.

Do pet microchips expire?

No. Once inserted, microchips never expire. Every chip comes in packaging with an expiration date, but that only tells the shelter or clinic how long the package will remain sterile. If the chip is planted before that date, it will stay safe and sterile.





Not only does your pet have the most advanced and first true anti-migration microchip that meets all international standards, but the BIO-THERMO PET iCHIP also has the extra advantage of a revolutionary built-in thermometer.

Its unique Unitary Core construction and Biobond Anti-Migration Technology provide superior reliability and increased read distances compared to ordinary microchips.

So, what does this mean?

When your pet needs hospitalization for routine surgery or has an emergency, the veterinary staff will be able to monitor their temperature 24 hours a day without disturbing your pet and without the discomfort of rectal temperature readings.

When you have exotic pets or if you work in a wildlife sanctuary or zoo, the BIO-THERMO Pet iCHIP will make temperature reading a safe and hassle-free routine for you and the animal.

For safety, it means that the microchip will stay where it was placed and not move around potentially causing problems or being difficult to locate and read. PET iCHIP’s Unitary Core construction is a patented technology that improves chip read distance and durability. PET iCHIP’s are guaranteed to last for more than 20 years.

How accurate is BIO-THERMO PET iCHIP in determining body temperature?

It has accuracy within 0.05 degrees Celsius and correlates well with rectal temperatures when taken in a non-threatening environment.

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