With the advent of biotronics and information technology advancements, the use of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) or Electronic Microchip Transponders is rapidly becoming the norm for positive identification.
The old methods - tattoo, tags, and collars - proved to be ineffective and alterable. Falsification of IDs, fraud, replaced identities, tampered records is just a few of their disadvantages. Furthermore, with the advent of automation and computerization, old technologies will no longer be able to create a productive and effective environment for management.

DIGITAL ANGEL Corporation of the USA - the world leader in electronic IDs - and PLARIDEL PRODUCTS & SERVICES, INC., introduce to the Philippines the latest electronic identification devices, as well as farm and clinic management software. The noble intention of this partnership is to revolutionize animal care and production and professionalize the veterinary practice through the use of practical and cost-effective modern technology.

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