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Pet iChip

Animal ID Management System with BIO-THERMO ® microchip

PET iCHIP with BIO-THERMO® microchip incorporates a thermometer and an identifier in one. It can permanently identify your animals at the same time take the animal’s temperature whenever you wish in a stress-free manner. Traditionally, the only way to take an animal’s temperature was done thru rectal insertion. This has many disadvantages, including stress to the animal and the vet, and it can extremely time-consuming.

PET iCHIP with BIO-THERMO® provides an accurate, efficient way of checking your animal’s temperature.

  • Non-invasive temperature reading
  • Instantaneous reading
  • Accuracy within 0.05 degrees Celsius from hypothalamus, which regulates the body temperature.
  • Temperature reading is not influenced by operator error or technique variation.
  • Correlates well with rectal temperatures when taken in a non-threatening environment.
  • Rises quicker than the rectal temperatures after the animal has been subjected to stress or exercise